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"This is a story of cross-generations, of reincarnate love and enduring hate, of envy, retribution and forgiveness - all within times and places shared among the millennia. In telling her tale, author Janet Kay delivers a warm, moving, authoritative novel of life long ago - and only yesterday. Along the way, she debunks one of the greatest myths in history, teaching us once and for all: You can go home again!

I like this book - from its enigmatic opening to its peaceful resolve - and highly recommend it to anyone who has ever wondered about anything. Five stars! " D.J. Herda, President American Society of Authors and Writers; author, They Call Me Doc - The Story behind the Legend of John Henry Holliday.


"Amelia 1868 by Janet Kay is a gripping paranormal novel that easily lures readers through the vivid detail and intriguing characters.

Prairie Rose Johanssen, known to her family and friends as Rose, lives in the present day, but feels connected to the past. In a desperate attempt to find herself she flees her family and fiance to begin a new life. Something seems to be drawing Rose to Montana and once she arrives she feels an awkward sense of deja vu. The pieces start to fall into place and Rose realizes she must discover the past in order to help her move into the future. Making her way to Virginia City, Montana, Rose immediately recognizes many buildings from drawings she used to do as a child. She decides to stay in Virginia City where she meets Paul DuBois. The electricity between them does not go unnoticed, and Rose is strongly cautioned by an inner voice not to trust him. Rose comes to learn Virginia City has many residents, several of who are no longer living. Paul, a historian, tracks the ghostly activity and invites Rose along. Lured to an old headstone with the simple inscription "Amelia 1868" Rose feels compelled to learn all she can about the woman who lies in the grave. Will Rose discover the truth and find our her life's purpose - or end up lost forever in the past?

Janet Kay is a gifted storyteller who enthralls her readers with her brilliant imagination and alluring plot. AMELIA 1868 is a story you won't be able to put down." Stacie Theis, Book Reviewer, Beachbound Books


"This is a dynamic tale of a bright, free-spirited young woman who is driven to complete an unknown mission that has dominated many aspects of her life. Kay is a remarkable storyteller who adroitly combines fiction and history to create stories with depth and meaning. This novel highlights the author's ability to use place as a technique for fleshing out the human experience. Kay's descriptions were so vivid and enticing I needed to see them with my own eyes. Amelia 1868 combines history, romance and the supernatural in an elegant tale of love, loss and purpose. I highly recommend it!"      Melissa Brown Levine, Independent Professional Book Reviewers


"Amelia 1868 has all the elements of great story-telling - intrigue, drama, conflict, and romance - masterfully pulled together into a satisfying conclusion. The characters are well-developed and the author did a remarkabale job interweaving their lives. I loved how she incorporated the spiritual/intuitive realm into both the plot and the characters in a practical, very credible fashion, which adds richness and depth to both. Amelia 1868 is a real page-turner!" Diana Schramer, Freelance Copyeditor


 "Delicately crafted and finely woven, Janet Kay has created a memorable tapestry threaded with fact and fiction, past and present. Amelia will draw you into her world!" Ellen Baumler, historian and author of Spirit Tailings: Ghost Tales from Virginia City, Butte and Helena, Montana


"Complex and thoughtful, AMELIA 1868 is an engrossing blend of historical fiction and introspective discovery. Highly recommended." John Burroughs, Midwest Book Review


"This book stirred so much in me that has to be explored. The past, present, future - and then connecting the dots. Very deep. I loved it and can't wait for your next book!" Karen McMillian




"A complicated tale of brokenness and renewal, Kay weaves together a story with themes of shame and violence, redemption and forgiveness. Beautifully written, this is a brilliant tale of second chances and building a better stronger life." Melissa Levine, Independent Professional Book Reviewers

"A true communion of place, character, and plot. Waters of the Dancing Sky is a complete vision, one with reverberating depths and serious surprises." Laura Kasischke, Author of The Life Before Her Eyes

"An elegantly told story filled with twists and turns, pain and tenderness, conflict and resolution. Touched by spirits of Native Americans long since passed from this world, emboldened by the majesty of the North Woods, this is a story about the universality of life - a book about the magic of the human spirit and the often wisp-like will of the human mind. Highly recommended reading for lovers of life everywhere." Don Bacue, Executive Editor, International Features Syndicate

"Sometimes a novel comes along that weaves fiction, reality, desire and inspiration into a beautifully bound escape into another world. Waters of the Dancing Sky is one of those novels. The way the author intertwines reality with fantasy simply leaves one to wonder of there aren't such beautiful possibilities out there for us all." Beverly Pechin, Reader Views

"I picked up your book one night and could not put it down. Your writing inspired me and touched me in many ways. I cried, laughed, and smiled. You led me on an amazing journey which I will be pondering for days to come. Your words touched my soul and revilalized me in many ways." Stephanie A, a fan anxiously awaiting the sequel to Waters of the Dancing Sky