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Janet Kay lives and writes on a lake in the woods of Northwest Wisconsin. Drawn to nature since she was a child, she sees its wonders as a source of renewal, reflection, and connection with something greater than oneself.

Her lifelong interests include creative writing, travel, photography, nature,and spending time with family and friends.

Her debut novel, Waters of the Dancing Sky, has earned excellent reviews and a five-star rating on 

Her new novel, AMELIA 1868, continues to earn great reviews. It is a paranormal historical novel filled with suspense and set in the old western ghost town of Virginia City, Montana as well as the antique country town of Walnut, Iowa.

Coming soon is THE SISTERS, an inspirational historical fantasy novel set on Galveston Island, Texas. It will be released the summer of 2018 by World Castle Publishing. For more information, click on

According to Stacie Theis, Book Reviewer, Beachbound Books, "Janet Kay is a gifted storyteller who enthralls her readers with her brilliant imagination and alluring plot. AMELIA 1868 is a story you won't be able to put down."

Author photo by Anna Martineau Merritt, Misty Pine Photography


Author interview with Janet Kay by Morgen Bailey of the United Kingdom:

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