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Rainy Lake Rendezvous

The long-awaited sequel to "Waters Of The Dancing Sky" is this intriguing tale of love, lies and family secrets.

Determined to reclaim Beth, the ex-wife whom he divorced ten years ago, Rob leaves his former identity as a prominent Chicago attorney behind him.  He embarks upon an obsessive mission to rescue her from the man whom he believes is holding her hostage.  He believes that, together, they will begin a new life in a remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness.

But Beth has finally found peace and is no longer living in fear of her delusional ex-husband.  She is happily remarried to an Ojibwe artist who honors his ancestors' cultural beliefs.  They live on a pristine island on Rainy Lake, along the international border between Minnesota and Ontario.  Together, they are raising ten-year-old Jason.

Jason's idyllic childhood takes an unexpected turn as destiny intervenes.  He awakens from a dream to find himself on a bizarre wilderness adventure with a stranger, accompanied by a spirit from beyond this world.  This transformational journey leads to the discovery of long-held family secrets that will change all of their lives forever.

The characters struggle through a series of suspense-filled twists and turns.  Is it possible for them to let go of the past, to forgive, and move into an uncertain future?

Genre: Psychological Suspense/Wilderness Adventure/Supernatural    ISBN: 9798630656995          Pages:  267

Price:  $15.99 (paperback)  -  Kindle e-book $2.99



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An inspirational novel combining history and fantasy.  The setting is Galveston Island, Texas, over a period of time from the Great Hurricane of 1900 to the present.

Bella and Jimmy, long lost soul-mates, rediscover each other in a chance encounter that will forever change their lives.  Jimmy, however, is already engaged to marry Bella's sister, Veronica.

Heart broken, they all continue along their destined paths in life, journeys that flow from the shores of historic Galveston Island on the Gulf of Mexico to the icy depths of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota.  Along the way, life confronts them with devastating personal losses, and experiences that defy explanation.

Bella seeks solace through her spirit guide, and visits to the other side of life.

The sisters, torn apart by their love for the same man, spend years locked in a cycle that fluctuates between feuding and estrangement.  It is only upon Jimmy's death that they begin to discover secrets buried within a past life they once shared together.  Secrets that may help them to unravel this bizarre love triangle.

Can they find a way to heal their differences and break free from the karma that has haunted them for an eternity?  Or, is it too late to penetrate the veil separating the world of the living from the land of the dead?

Genre: Paranormal psychological drama    ISBN: 9798636240686 (paperback)          Pages:  265

Price:  $15.99 (paperback) - Kindle e-book $2.99



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Rose, a free-spirited young woman, leaves her fiancée at the alter of their country church in Walnut, Iowa.  Driven by forces beyond her control, she flees to the old western ghost town of Virginia City, Montana, where she feels oddly at home.  Drawn to an old cemetery in the mountains, she discovers a weathered tombstone and begins to sob uncontrollably.  Only two words are etched upon the stone ... AMELIA 1868.


Obsessed with uncovering the identity of this long-forgotten woman, Rose finds herself transported back and forth in time between the life of a hurdy-gurdy dance hall girl struggling to survive in the 1860's and her own sheltered life in 2011.


Her strange and intriguing journey becomes more complicated when a love interest materializes and throws her off balance.  Her life becomes a bizarre dance twisting and turning between the past and the present.


Can she find a way to move into the real future?


Genre: Paranormal historical romance    ISBN: 978-1478193371      Pages: 272

Price:  $15.95 (paperback) - Kindle e-book $2.99



Cover photo by Steve Henry, Henry Images


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"There is a land of the living and a land of the dead, and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning."    - Thornton Wilder -

Sometimes you must tiptoe across that bridge linking this world with the next.  Sometimes, it is the only way to put the twisted pieces of one's life back together again.

Beth Calhoun is a middle-aged woman haunted by a tragic past ... the drowning death of her young mother, the shame of having no father.  Escaping from an abusive marriage, she retreats to her family's wilderness island home on Rainy Lake, along the Minnesota/Ontario international border.  Here she embarks upon a journey of self-discovery that flows through a series of wilderness adventures.

As she delves into her late mother's old diaries, she unlocks long-held family secrets, including the identity of her father.  Spirits of the past emerge as she struggles through a complex web of emotions and shifting relationships. 

Can she forgive and put the past behind her?  Can she learn to trust and to love again?

Genre: Inspirational Fiction          ISBN:  9781463334        Pages:  255

Price:  $15.95




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